Vomiting Black Bile Reasons

You need to know what vomiting black bile is a medical condition that occurs in both human beings and animals. This vomit is a sign of health problems and one should seek immediate medical attention from a credible physician.

Reasons for throwing up bile

Vomiting black bile

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Black bile is a symptom of several conditions including ulcer, H. Pylori, yellow fever and even throat cancer, according to www.cancerfactsmd.com/throat-cancer/ website.

To establish the exact causes black bile vomit requires the analysis of other accompanying symptoms.

Further analysis can include an endoscopy to determine the actual state of the intestines.

Major Causes

Vomiting black bile could be a result of bleeding in the lining of the intestine or in the upper regions of the alimentary canal.

It could also be due to something that was eaten. If you have eaten too much fat, more bile will be produced by your digestive system. Bile is a digestive juice that breaks down the fats.

Throwing up green bile is not uncommon as bile is often a green-yellowish color. Similarly, a child vomiting green bile may be the result of too many sweets.

However, if you take medication for the stomach upset, you may actually produce black vomit. Research has shown that Pepto Bismal turns black as it travels through the alimentary canal. Whether a child produces green, yellow or black bile, if the vomit is an unnatural color you should take note. For associated symptoms that may indicate a more serious ailment in children, see related articles on this site.

Additionally, some medications taken by pregnant women are known to produce black vomit.

This vomiting however is more probably associated with gastro-intestinal complications, which can result in bleeding in the stomach or the alimentary canal. The blood is then acted upon by the enzymes, thus turning it into a dark brownish color that is expelled during vomiting.

Ulcers can cause open wounds in the alimentary tract that result in bleeding. If this bleeding is prolonged, it can create black vomit. Bile is normally expelled through vomiting, especially if the stomach remains empty. At this point, a person may start vomiting green bile, expelling a dark green mucous liquid-bile.

Animals especially pets are also known to vomit dark bile. This equally is due to gastro-intestinal complications. Animals also experience ulcers leading to intestinal bleeding. The blood mixes with food and then the enzymatic action causes the blood food mixture to turn black.

Cats and dogs are commonly known to vomit dark bile. A cat vomiting bile is more likely to be overlooked than a dog doing so. Cats are known to cough up hairballs, and bile is sometimes mistaken for them.

In both humans and animals, throwing up blood clots can be mistaken for normal bile. This bile in animals can also signal kidney failure which causes the blood to turn dark in color. Animals are also known to vomit black bile as a result of liver or kidney diseases. Drinking alcohol can also produce blackish bile, as well as contribute to kidney and liver problems.

Black vomit after drinking alcohol usually happens in the second stage of liver disease.

If you are feeling sick and vomiting a black bile, it could be a sign of a number of medical conditions. Thus, it is prudent to seek the help of a trained and certified physician concerning treatment.

Related diseases such as yellow fever, cancer of the throat, disease of the kidney, liver disease, ulcer and others are very dangerous and can be life threatening if not attended to in time. Any person who experiences dark bile of any color should take the symptoms seriously and seek an informed opinion.

Bilious vomiting is not itself a disease, so there is no advice that can be given on treatment procedures. The course of the problem must itself be identified before any medication can begin. Remedies for vomiting black bile will be provided only upon full and proper diagnosis.

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