Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome : Causes and treatment options

Cyclic vomiting syndrome

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If you are suffering from cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) you know well that it is an uncomfortable condition. Individuals who suffer from this discomforting disease experience violent episodes of this disorder, which can endure for hours or even days at a time.

Cyclical vomiting syndrome, thought to be a ‘children’s disease’, is often characterized by severe bouts of extreme nausea and constant cycles of vomiting. Chronic vomiting in children or adults is a concern.

Although the exact number of individuals who suffer from this condition are unknown, it is predicted that more people than ever suffer from the disease. By understanding what this chronic vomiting syndrome is, knowing what causes it, as well as methods to treat it, this syndrome can be controlled.

What Is Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome?

Chronic vomiting is a disease that fosters severe cases of nausea and vomiting within sufferers. These bouts of chronic vomiting can last for several hours or even days. Typically occurring at the same time of day as prior episodes, the effects often occur with the same level of intensity and similar symptoms.

As a result of the severity of the disease, sufferers are often confined to bed for days, resulting in the inability to attend work or school. Researchers are unable to determine how many individuals suffer from this condition at this time. However, it has been noted that CVS can occur in individuals at any age.

Although unknown, the number of individuals suffering from this condition is significantly more than once believed.

Major causes

Cyclic vomiting syndrome occurs in part due to a variety of different causes. The most prevalent causes of this disease however are triggers such as infections, stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks; the flu, sinus problems, allergies, and colds are also known to trigger episodes of cyclic vomiting disease within some individuals as well.

While many people attribute the above mentioned triggers to causes of chronic vomiting syndrome, others claim that foods such as cheese or chocolate, as well as eating too much during the day or prior to going to bed, are also possible triggers.

Despite the many causes of cyclical vomiting, which also include motion sickness, menstruation, exhaustion, and extremely hot weather, it can be treated.

Major Symptoms

Chronic vomiting syndrome can be treated, however, treatment typically begins by learning to control symptoms.

The common symptoms of constant vomiting syndrome include:

  • Episodes of severe vomiting, it happens many times per hour, but less than seven days.
  • More than three various episodes of vomiting within the present year.
  • Lack of nausea or vomiting between bouts.

Although treatment varies, CVS can be treated by controlling the symptoms mentioned above. In addition to controlling the aforementioned symptoms, sedatives may ease the continuous nausea that may occur.

Treatment of this condition in adults

During episodes of severe nausea and vomiting, intake of intravenous fluids can aid in the prevention of dehydration. While these tactics have proven to be effective in controlling the symptoms of this syndrome, the introduction of various medications can be helpful as well.

Such vomiting syndrome treatment medications include:

Anti-migraine drugs, such as sumatriptan (Reduces migraine headaches)

  • Propranolol
  • Cyproheptadine
  • Amitriptyline
  • Prilosec (Calms the stomach)

This syndrome can be treated, however, the most effective method for treatment entails treating the symptoms, along with introducing the usage of prescribed medications.

If allergies or food sensitivities have triggered your disorder, a cyclic vomitting syndrome diet can help you isolate allergens.

Cyclic vomiting syndrome is a very discomforting condition, but through proper identification of its associated symptoms, combined with proactive treatment, it can be alleviated.

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