Vomiting bile : Major causes

Bile vomit is often a bright yellow almost dark green color. This digestive juice is created to breakdown foods, thus the color. Bile could be a sign of a very critical condition that needs immediate medical attention.

Vomiting bile in children

vomiting bile

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In most cases kid’s will vomit and then experience nausea; if it happens without nausea, exclusion of intracranial pressure is needed.

The vomiting of bile happens naturally as we consume different types of foods.

Though the presence of some colored substances may represent bile, bile sometimes goes unnoticed especially when it is vomited in very small quantities.

It is more visible on an empty stomach when the content being passed out is done away with and all that can be seen is some water and mucus.

Concentration of bile is quite high for the first 30 minutes after eating.

Therefore when one vomits almost immediately after a meal, the chances of bile being in the content are very high.

Causes of Vomiting Bile

Causes of bile vomit can be from different daily activities. Some of these activities could be directly or indirectly affecting our health, and bile may be a sign that we need to change our lifestyle habits.

To vomit yellow bile does not necessarily mean the bile is unhealthy. Some foods and drinks with a lot of color are capable of coloring the gastric acids, which results in one vomiting a colored substance. One should avoid consuming edibles that affect the gastric juices in this way.

Food colors can be mistaken for a child vomiting bile in the morning. Food coloring appears in many foods eaten by children, from cakes to popsicles. If your child vomit orange bile, or pink and purple, it is likely the icing of the same color on the birthday cake.

Drugs are generally not healthy especially when taken in large quantities. Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, for example, irritates the gastrointestinal tract, gradually reducing its performance.

This process could result in extremely poisonous bile vomitus. Vomiting bile after drinking is not uncommon. Dyes present in different drinks, especially when one takes a cocktail of them, are likely to be confused for bile.

Intestines are highly affected by this condition, which causes the expulsion of intestine content. It should however be noted that condition will rarely appear in the case of a gastric outlet or any other blockage near the duodenum.

In most cases one will have severe stomach upset, especially adults, while infants are likely to cry. In newborns, different factors can cause obstruction of the small intestine, including foreign bodies, maltrotation, pyloric stenosis, intussusception and also Hirschsprung’s diseases.

While in adults common causes of bile vomit include volvulus, diarrhea, malignant tumors, gallstones ileus in foreign bodies, and lastly adhesions. Apart from bile vomit, other possible symptoms such as abdominal pain, heartburn and weight loss could be present.

How to stop throwing up bile?

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Do not hesitate to visit the nearest health center when you suspect the presence of bile in your vomit. Especially when it occurs frequently, make sure you seek a doctor’s attention before it is too late. Always consume preferred edibles; in this case especially avoid colors that will affect the gastric tract.

If you are not sure of the best diet to take, you can always consult your health providers about additional causes of vomiting bile, or optionally ask us in the comments section. Remember better safe than sorry.

Vomiting Bile

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    i have trouble with vomiting after alcohol consumption. Is here any ways to prevent it?

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