Pink Eye Remedies At Home

Pink Eye Remedies

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Conjunctivitis, also knows as pink eye, is a bacterial infection in the eye that is very contagious and spreads rapidly. It is caused largely by a vitamin D deficiency, having been in the house all winter long, and high exposure to pollen.

Pinkeye can be very uncomfortable, especially because it is on your sensitive eyes. Commons symptoms include: pink eye, swelling, itching, running, tearing and a mucous that produces while you are sleeping which can completely seal your eye lids shut.

Because pinkeye spread so rapidly, once it develops in one of your family members, it is critical for you to get it solved so that it doesn’t spread to the rest of the people in the household.

Best Pink Eye Remedies

Most families run to the hospital and get an eye drop prescription which is a fantastic relief to the itchy, achy, and swelling eyes. However, if you aren’t looking to take the hassle of running to the doctor and are looking for pink eye remedies that you can apply from the comfort of your house, you’ve come to the right place.

It might seem strange, but mothers breast milk has been known to cure pink eye. If the mother in the house happens to be breast feeding, collect a few drops, put it in a clean eye dropped, and apply a few drops to the effected area. Apply every couple of hours. This will magically clear up the pink eye.

But what if you don’t breast feed and no one in your house does either? That’s fine! The next best home remedy for pink eye would be to apply raw goat or cows milk. In addition, always apply to both eyes. Because pink eye spreads so rapidly, if you only do one eye, you will just have to do the other eye in a few days, as it will soon be effected.

If you don’t have access to breast milk, raw goat or cow milk, and are still looking for pink eye remedies from home, try the the clear, liquid part of yogurt or kefir as this milk products are cultured with beneficial bacterial strains which, when added gently to the eyes, can crowd out the pink eye and restore your eye to it’s original state.

If you seem to be acquiring pink eye frequently, this could be caused by a deficiency in vitamins, especially Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a critical Vitamin for optimal eye health. I recommend obtaining a multivitamin that has Vitamin A included.

If you have cod liver oil, this is also a great substance to take because it is very high in Vitamin A.

If the pink eye remedies of taking vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil, applying mothers breast milk and/or goat or cow milk to the eye does not work, I recommend seeing a doctor to identify if there are any other issues with the eye, as this could be a sign of a more serious issue than pink eye and needs to be evaluated.

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