Low Platelets Causes and Risk Factors

3 Common Causes Of Low Platelets

Low Platelets Causes

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Low platelets causes are the catalyst for a condition known as thrombocytopenia, which involves blood platelet counts falling below normal.

Although the average human body produces 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per micro liter, which live up to ten days, three common causes often reduce the production.

Reasons for low blood platelets count such as :

  • The containment of platelets within the spleen.
  • The reduction in the production of platelets.
  • Dramatic increase in the breakdown of platelets.

Are three common causes that contribute to decreased platelet count within blood. This article aims to discuss these causes in detail and provide you explanation of low blood platelets treatment.

Low platelets causes – Containment Of Platelets

Platelets entrapped by the spleen are often known to be probable contributors of this condition. A relatively small organ located right below the rib cage on the left side of the abdomen; the spleen combats infections and extracts unneeded wastes and materials from the blood.

However, an enlarged spleen, which can result from a multiple of different disorders, can often entrap too many platelets and, therefore, result in a significant reduction in the number of healthy platelet count within the blood.

While the containment of its within an enlarged spleen contributes to thrombocytopenia causes, they are reduced for a variety of reasons; one specific reason is disease.

Reduced Production Due To Disease

Conditions such as leukemia and anemia, which effect bone marrow, are often characterized as diseases, that result in drastic reductions in blood platelet production.

In addition to these diseases, certain viral infections, such as HIV, are also known to limit the bone marrow within the body that creates platelets, as well.

While leukemia, anemia, and HIV are more popular low blood platelets causes, toxic chemicals, such as alcohol consumption and chemotherapy drugs are also factors known to significantly limit the body’s ability to produce its.

Similar to the reduction in blood platelet production due to disease, certain conditions can also force the body to destroy platelets faster than they can be produced.

Breakdown Increase

Several conditions can often force the body to eradicate healthy blood platelets faster than they can be produced, which results in a major shortage of platelets within the blood.

Pregnancy, autoimmune diseases, bacteria and viruses within the blood, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, as well as specific medications and drugs are specific examples of conditions that cause the body to rapidly destroy healthy blood platelets quicker than they can be replenished.

Low platelets causes are the main contributors of blood counts falling below normal.

Despite the amount the body is able to produce at any given time, the containment of its within an enlarged spleen, the reduction due to the disease, as well as the rapid breakdown of platelets as a result of various conditions all significantly reduce platelet production.

Normal body produces 150000 to 450000 platelets per one micro liter of blood circulating throughout the body. But these low platelets causes, although common, restrict the body’s bone marrow, resulting in the failure of platelets being renewed.

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  1. Robert Green Says:

    looks like reason for low platelets in my case was from anemia!

  2. Melissa Klemm Says:

    Can someone please tell me if it is safe to take krill oil tablets when you have low platelets. My platelet count is between 65000 and 89000.

    As krill oil thins the blood are they safe to take, if not any recommendations non an alternative would be greatly appreciated. I am taking them mainly for joint pain. Many thanks.

  3. Krill oil tablets make blood platelets less sticky, it can slow down blood clotting and increase risk of bleeding. So try to start from minimal dosage.

  4. My husband’s platelet count is 50000 and he is also on flax oil 1200 mg. He is 60 years old, but he’s skin looks like he’s 80. He can just rubber his hands or arms and you can see the blood come to the surface. Is it safe for him to be taking flax oil? He was on plavix, but he stopped taking it and started the flax oil.

  5. Hi, Ruth! Your husband can try it, but in small amount. Need to use only fresh flax oil, and in smaller dosage (500-600mg for start). However here is some precautions, read this article outlawjournalism .com /forum/ viewtopic.php?t=1431

  6. thanks for info on blood platelets low count causes! It really helped me to understand why I have this disease and what to do next.

  7. What the diseases I can get from low platelets? I am pregnant now and sometimes wake up with a black nose, doctor tell me it because of low platelets.

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