Low platelets (Thrombocytopenia)

How To Naturally Raise Low Platelets And Overcome ITP Blood Disorder.

Low blood platelets disease also known as Thrombocytopenia. Individuals who experience low platelets due to medical drug usage or chemotherapy are more than able to generate tremendous amounts of platelets. By immediately ceasing treatment, either from medical drugs or chemotherapy, low blood platelets can easily be regenerated to natural healthy levels, unlike ITP disorder.

For those who possess decreased platelet count, it is imperative to distinguish between decreased blood count and ITP disorder, which is a more serious condition. By identifying exactly what ITP disorder is, how it has developed, and how it is treated, one can effectively combat this serious disorder. This article aims to provide detailed strategies to overcome ITP blood disorder and naturally raise low platelet count.

Low platelets

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ITP blood disorder is a serious condition in which the body ceases to actively produce the required amounts of growth hormones, as well as the necessary factors to adequately foster platelet production within the body.

Due to this condition, the body simply fails to possess the ability to overcome this deficit, resulting in low platelets and unnatural platelet loss. Although the normal life of platelets ranges between seven and ten days, this is a main problem for ITP blood disorder sufferers.

In addition to this dilemma, those plagued by ITP disorder generate antibodies that violently attack healthy platelet(s) within the body, resulting in decreased platelets count.

This unfortunate event is the body waging war against itself, also referred to in the medical community as an autoimmune disease. Therefore, blood rendered for a transfusion, originating from an individual with ITP disorder, would be of no benefit to the recipient, seeing as it would be simply create low blood platelets due to the containment of antibodies.

In addition, antibodies harbored within the blood of ITP disorder sufferers also causes the spleen to prematurely extract blood platelets. In this case, a majority of practicing doctors remedy this condition by simply removing the spleen; this only works for a temporary period of time, seeing as the body continues to produce antibodies, which unfortunately continue to prey on the healthy platelets, resulting in Thrombocytopenia disease.

In light of how serious this condition can be, it is important to understand exactly how this disorder can be developed as well as diagnosed, signs and symptoms, major causes of Thrombocytopenia disease.

What is a normal platelet count range?

Normal platelet levels in blood is 150000 – 400000 of platelets per one microliter (mcL).

Developing ITP Blood Disorder

Although this disorder is often found in women rather than men, this serious condition is more prevalent in adolescents than adults. Despite this fact, children often outgrow this condition and continue to live healthy, normal lives way into adulthood; women who possess this disorder, usually complain of abnormal, heavy menstrual cycles, which are not only severely uncomfortable, but the result in low blood platelet count.

In order to successfully diagnose ITP disorder, and treat low blood platelets, doctors use CBC tests, which evaluate factors such as, the current levels of antibodies within the blood, as well as present blood-clotting elements.

In the case that higher than normal traces of antibodies are discovered, doctors prescribe potent medications to work in conjunction with the body’s immune system to drastically lower level of antibodies; unfortunately, these same medications also lower the body’s entire immune system, thus making it susceptible to disease, illness, and the inability to fight off germs and infections.

Developing ITP blood disorder is unfortunate, however, this condition can be reversed!

While there is no “magic pill” to increase low platelets, symptoms of ITP blood disorder can easily be reversed and even placed into remission through the implementation of natural treatments, such as diet change.

By simply enhancing your diet and incorporating more healthy fruits and vegetables into your daily meal planning, your immune system can be fortified, all while providing your body with many needed nutrients and vitamins.

By keeping your immune system heightened, rather than in a state of total suppression, your body’s natural defenses remain intact, and low level of platelets are increased.

Many people often struggle with low blood platelets due to medical drug usage or chemotherapy. Although this is a known fact, individuals plagued by this condition are more than able to reproduce the necessary healthy level of this blood cells.

By simply identifying the disorder, providing proper diagnosis, and using natural cures, one can easily overcome this serious disorder and effectively raise low platelets.

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  1. Do you know some natural cures for that condition? I know only about krill oil tablets.

  2. Kelly Holland Says:

    my blood platelets count is low, just 60000. I just need vitamin C and bitter extract from a papaya leaf? Or some additional medication?

  3. Harry M. Pate Says:

    I am normal guy, 32 years old, fit, sporty and healthy. But I have low blood platelet count – 75000. Can you tell me how to overcome this low platelets problem?

  4. Hi, Harry, Kelly and Romana! Do you already visited doctor and know what causes low platelets in your case and have some prescriptions?

    Later I will post here article about thrombocytopenia natural remedies, but it only addition to the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

  5. Hi
    I have recently been diagnosed with ITP, high positive ANA is the suggestive of it. Also, my platelets went up to 102 when I was put on prednisolone(25mg)2 tablets/day for 11 days from 48.A CBC test done day before yesterday revealed 77 which means my platelets are decreasing again. My haematologist said he would not begin any treatment until platelets count drop down to 20,000 as this counts is quite safe. My GP has suggested not to worry unless I started getting bruises and pateache.
    But I am really worried about my condition. Is there something, that I can try to reduce the number of ANA and boost platelets counts so that I never get to point where I start bleeding? Please help

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