Low Blood Platelets: Hidden Causes

6 Hidden Causes Of Low Blood Platelets

Low blood platelets

Low blood platelets, a common health problem, if left untreated, can cause a multitude of serious health problems. There are six major hidden causes of low red blood cell count.

These causes include the tragic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, certain auto-immune diseases, pregnancy, anemia, drugs, and even undetected substances in foods, such as mushrooms.

This brief article aims to address these hidden causes of low platelets count and provide a more in-depth understanding as to why a large majority of individuals suffer from this serious condition.

So, what causes low blood platelets condition named Thrombocytopenia (ITP blood disorder)?

Cancer chemotherapy treatments

According to Cancer Facts MD – Leukemia guide, the treatment of certain conditions, such as cancer and leukemia, can often lead to low platelets. Cancer is a specific condition that is often treated using these methods.

Although chemotherapy treatments often harm the bone marrow of patients, as well as the overall condition of the patient, by actively monitoring low platelets of patients during treatment, the condition can easily be remedied.

However, if they do fall below their normal level, a simple blood transfusion can be performed to restore the low platelets in the blood to a normal level. While chemotherapy treatments are often a major cause of low platelets, various medical conditions also contribute to this serious condition.

Various medical conditions

Various medical conditions are also a major contributor of blood platelets low levels. Certain medical conditions and auto-immune diseases, such as HIV, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis are often characterized by this condition; low platelets can also result from viral and bacterial infections, as well.

In addition to medical conditions and viral, bacterial infections, low blood platelets count are also experienced in those who are pregnant.

Low platelets in pregnancy – The Facts

Pregnancy is also a condition that can lead to low blood platelet levels, as well as a numerous amount of other changes within the body. Although temporary, the body tends to consume an extraordinarily large amount of blood platelets during this time.

The body reacts to these changes through blood clotting, which inevitably leads to the destruction of numerous amounts of platelets, which equals a low platelet count.

Although pregnancy is a condition that often leads to low platelets, anemia is also known to have its effects on platelet count, as well.


Anemia is another condition that is known to cause low platelets. By destroying red blood cells, anemia lowers the amount of active platelets, resulting in low platelet counts; anemia is also characterized by extreme fatigue and extreme difficulty while breathing.

Anemia is not the only condition that is known to result in low blood platelets count. The usage of medication and certain drugs have also been known to lower platelets among users, as well.

Drug usage

Using medications and drugs, such as pregabalin, are also known to lead to platelets count low. Drugs like pregabalin, used to treat neuropathic pain and convulsions, are often the main culprits of a condition known as thrombocytopenia, which also leads to an abnormal blood platelet count.

Other controlled medications, such as anti-malarial drugs, anti-viral drugs, and antibiotics are also major contributors of low platelets among users.

While the consumption and usage of some medications and drugs negatively affect blood counts, certain substances within foods are also known to have negative effects, as well.

Food substances

Certain substances within foods, such as mushrooms, are also known to lower blood platelets. Often used in the Chinese culture for medicinal purposes, mushrooms have been known to treat mild to severe cases of fatigue, insomnia, and even dry coughs.

Despite their ability to function as anticoagulants, the consumption of mushrooms leads to thinner blood, which unfortunately results in low platelets; despite this drawback, mushrooms are beneficial, especially in the treatment of conditions such as coronary heart disease.

Decreased blood platelets can result from a series of conditions, substances, and medications, but if left untreated can become serious. Although a majority of low blood platelet catalysts are detectable, some, such as food substances, can be difficult to spot.

By addressing the causes of low blood platelets and understanding exactly what causes this condition, serious health issues can be easily avoided.

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