Causes and Treatment of Frontal Headache

Three common causes of frontal headaches and the cure.

Frontal headache

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For sufferers of head pain, understanding frontal headache causes is key to finding a solution. They are commonplace among adults, the elderly, and even growing children. Causes of this headaches, depending upon a variety of factors, determine whether pain occurs frequently or over an extended period of time. Finding severe headache causes can sometimes be a challenge.

Some of the familiar causes of this condition include sinusitis, eyestrain, and tension, just to name a few. This article aims to discuss these three common causes of frontal lobe headaches and provide simple solutions to render immediate and effective relief.

Sinusitis and frontal lobe headache causes

Sinusitis, characterized by intense swelling and inflammation of the tissues that line the sinus cavities, is a common frontal headache cause. It is also associated with sinus head pain. Known to cause tremendous pressure within the forehead, frontal headaches due to sinusitis often worsen when lying down or leaning forward. Sinus headache causes include colds, flues and allergies.

The preferred method of treatment for a frontal sinus headache of this type are simple nasal rinses combined with warm moist air, typically received from a vaporizer, in order to reduce the build-up of sinus and migraine pressure.

In addition to nasal rinses and vaporizers, aspirin, an over-the-counter medication, is also highly recommended in providing quick, fast pain relief.

While frontal area headaches are often attributed to sinusitis, they are also known to be caused by severe eyestrain.


Activities such as extended computer tasks and specific tasks performed up-close; as well as various eye conditions, such as astigmatism and unequal vision, contribute to eyestrain; which unfortunately results in headaches in the front of the head.

This condition caused by eyestrain are also known to cause similar symptoms related to the eyes, such as blurred vision, redness of the eye, dryness, heaviness of the eyelids, and extreme difficulty focusing on specific objects. In addition to eyestrain, this problem is also caused by tension.

Tension Headache

Tension, as a result of depression, stress, lack of sleep, sleep apnea, and anxiety is a major cause of frontal lobe headaches. Pain caused by tension, also referred to as tension headaches, also transpires as a result of physical conditions such as straining of the neck, joint tension, and arthritis.

Dull, constant aches, combined with pulsating pressure across the forehead is an accurate description of the pain associated with frontal headaches of this type.

Frontal Headache Pain Relief

In order to treat tension headaches, over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen, in combination with proper diagnosis of the possible triggers of this pain are often pursued to bring quick, fast, and immediate relief!

Frontal lobe constant headaches are a common occurrence, especially among adults. Their causes and symptoms transpire as a result of multiple factors, and although some pain occurs infrequently, others last for extended periods of time.

By properly identifying and treating preliminary frontal headache causes, such as sinusitis, eyestrain, and tension, immediate and effective relief can be experienced!

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