Migraines & Headache Causes, Hidden Triggers

If you get headaches, understanding headache causes is the first step toward reducing them.

headache causes

Every day hundreds of thousands of people struggle with minor, acute head pains throughout the day. A majority of these minor, acute pains can be attributed to headaches, brought on by a variety of different causes. They are often the result of tight muscles, vision changes, nausea, and overuse of various painkillers. This article aims to discuss these hidden causes for headache in detail.

Tension headaches are often brought on by tight muscles within the body, such as the jaw, scalp, neck, and shoulder areas. These types of headaches are related to the experience of a possible head injury, anxiety, depression, stress, or even placing the neck in an awkward position for extended periods of time.

While tension headaches often occur on both sides of the head, they tend to migrate from the back of the head and work towards the front. Tension and migraine headaches also cause tremendous discomfort. Migraine headaches are often described as severe migraines that are accompanied by changes in vision and nausea; and pounding, pulsating, and throbbing pain. They tend to begin on either side of the head and spread to both sides.

One of the major causes of migraine headaches is food. Foods such as MSG, various cheese products, and chocolate, along with a lack of sleep, alcohol usage, and caffeine withdrawal can trigger migraine headaches. It can also occur as a result of premenstrual syndrome, a possible fever, the flu, and even a cold.

When migraine headaches of this magnitude disappear and then come back they are known as rebound migraines. Rebound headaches are often the result of overuse of painkillers, and therefore individuals who take medication beyond three full days a week normally experience these types of migraines.

Often, this pain can be a sign of a more serious condition. The actual cause of migraines may be high blood pressure, bleeding within the brain, a brain tumor, and even a possible brain infection, such as meningitis.

Tension and migraine headaches bring tremendous discomfort to those who experience them.

Other Types

Cluster headaches causes are sometimes very obvious. However, when the constant headache causes are unknown the condition is harder to treat. They are known for causing tremendous levels of discomfort and characterized by very painful, sharp migraines that often transpire several times per day and last for months at a time, before going away for a brief period of time.

Daily headaches causes can sometimes be the hardest to pinpoint. Constant tension and pain at the middle and back of the head may signal more serious problems.

In contrast, causes of sinus headaches are easier to identify. They often occur in front of the head and facial area, due to overwhelming swelling experienced around the eyes, nose, and cheek areas, as a result of congestion.

As a discomfort that transpires in the neck, scalp, and head regions, headaches can result from a variety of serious causes.

Headaches are often the result of tight muscles, vision changes, and overuse of painkillers.

Through relaxation, medication, and drastic changes in lifestyle, people who experience these symptoms can experience relief. We hope this information helps you to understand what are the major causes of headaches and how you can treat them.

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  1. Hello!

    My wife have constant migraines, usually from morning. We think it can happen because of food, she like cheese and chocolate so much.

    What the minimal (but acceptable) daily dosage of that foods?

  2. Carol Green Says:

    I have a tension headache for the last week. But now I have an upset stomach with tension headache. Is it normal or not?

  3. Dear Harris.

    Usually it mean not more than 1 bar of dark chocolate (100gr) and 40 gr of cheese.

    Best Regards,

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