What is stage 4 kidney disease?

Kidney is an organ which is a natural filter to a human body. Kidney disease is a syndrome that does not appear overnight in fact it is a slow and gradual process which takes place over a period of years.

This basically means that it is a severe condition and the patient will need to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant. Generally the kidney disease has been classified as the most unsafe of the sicknesses. As we are aware that kidneys are basically the filtering system of human body and they are a very dynamic organ in its own right and perform a very vital role in human anatomy.

stage 4 kidney disease

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Stage 4 kidney disease can be extremely chronic and the other name for it is also renal diseases. It is actually the progressive damage in renal functioning over a period of time which can be of years and years.

It is oddly undefined that how in a matter of time the kidney functioning gets worsen and the only feeling which can be specified is a general feeling of being unwell and having no food hunger and in some cases declined appetite.

Most commonly the screening of the kidney aids to show that there is an abnormality showing in the x rays and especially it is in those individual’s case that have high blood pressure and diabetes. It is also observed by the doctors from research and knowledge that the kidney disease is also genetic. For instance, it can be passed down from a second or third degree relative too.

Stage 4 kidney disease treatment

Various medical treatments along with medical imaging which included x rays and CT scans are helpful in investigating the damage being done to the kidneys. But there is no doubt the blood tests are the most accurate in detecting the problem.

At times the problematic condition is that the kidney is failing and not performing its role in a suitable way. Tester of kidney tissue is also taken for biopsy to find out the kidney’s collapse.

There are basically various stages of it but I is considered to be the mildest, 3 is the midway damage of the kidney’s performance and CKD stage 4 is where dialysis and transplant is needed. And stage 5 is the most severe condition which is the failure of the kidney in which there is a transplant is suggested by the doctors and health experts.

Along with the grave problem of stage 4 CKD there are other neighboring organs which can get adversely affected by this problem too. For example, liver related problems can also arise such as jaundice which is again a very severe and glaring condition.

Jaundice is basically the start of any essential disease problem in a person’s body. It should always be taken very cautiously and seriously. It can cause gallstones and also the worst and life threatening renal cancer.

Then also comes digestion problems such as the food the person is eating is not properly providing him with sufficient energy needed by him, in fact the food is not being passed out of the body in a normal way resulting in an extreme weight loss and nutritional deficiencies.

This kind of shortage of important and essential nutrients to the body can be very harmful for the body. Bleeding in some cases can also form anemia and bring down the blood count in a person making him even more weak and frail.

Scientists and doctors have searched out in the history what chiefly hinders the normal and natural functioning of the kidney. Firstly, when the kidney’s function is decreasing then the most dangerous thing that happens is the waste products and toxic material build up in the blood.

Stage 4 kidney disease signs and symptoms

It is also a known fact that kidney is also shows a great role in secreting different hormones. Red blood cells are also not formed in a sufficient way. Kidney is responsible for making urine also so if it is failing then the urine also changes in different ways.

Urine may get bubbling and may get pale and also a person has to go and frequently feel the urge to urinate. Some people feel immense amount of pain and pressure in urinating and their urine is also very dark coloured.

It is also a possibility that bleeding is observed in the urine. Due to extra fluid in the body that has been buildup it can also harm the lungs and a person might feel problem in breathing properly. This can also be caused by lack of oxygen in the blood which can hamper a person’s normal breathing. It is again a very deeply shocking situation as it can get very serious and a person can lose his or her life.

Feeling extremely cold is also a common sign seen in kidney patients specially it is due to anemia which makes a person weak from inside. Anemic people often feel cold even in a room which warm. Brain problems also occur as the blood lacks oxygen and automatically oxygen is not reaching the brain so it is evidently seen that a person will have poor mental health along with loss of memory.

Inflammation also happens in a person since kidneys are not accurately working in a usual order and fluids are getting stored in that person’s body. So patients with kidney disease it is also seen that swelling occurs in the legs, ankles and feet.

Then there is deficiency of sleep which is also a problem, As kidneys have effective hormones and when they do not act then it causes disturbed hormones therefore disturbed kidney patterns.

Occasionally the kidney has less flow of blood and the blood is not reaching the kidneys properly. And there is some kind of hindrance in the flow of blood to the kidney so it results in the bad behavior as well.

Kidney is basically the filtration system of the body which is very vital to human body. So please try to prevent Stage 4 kidney disease using doctor prescribed drugs and healthy diet plans.

Hope now you know answer to the question – “What is stage 4 kidney disease“.

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