Chronic stage 4 kidney disease : Overview

It really important to know about chronic stage 4 kidney disease for prevention and treatment purposes.

It a part of the chronic disease which is caused due to an injury or other disorders, like diabetes and high blood pressure. As the function to filter the blood and do their other functions in a proper manner.

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 life expectancy

stage 4 kidney disease

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All those patients, who are suffering from the chronic stage 4 kidney disease, know that the state of life they are running is not capable of living a quality life. Just that they are living a life with impaired heart disease, kidney failure risks and catheters top support the normal routine of urine, patients cannot afford to live an independent life.

Patients who live with chronic kidney disease are clear in their mind that there is no proper cure for the organs they have originated in themselves whereas they can only afford to have treatments through procedures and operations to live a successful and accomplished life.

In most cases, patients suffer lifetime for the filtration of their blood through dialysis or through chemo-dialysis both remarked for making their quality of life better.

The chronic stage 4 of kidney disease have developed a time of swelling around their knee joints, shoulders and bulge around their intestines. Many develop intestinal problems as well, which makes their stomach bulges and causes multiple joint pains.

Treatment options

There is a severe need for the patients of the chronic stage 4 kidney disease to look for their diet, movement and fluid intake/out take requirements while being administered with it. Whatever treatments are available is a bit expensive while it is also very painful for the patient to bear this disease.

There is no specific age for the patients being caught by this disease; it can be a result to a heart attack; that can take place at any age, with a lot of complications. So is the need for change in the diet plan, exercise and their feasibility to move around their life freely.

The patients need to develop this thing in mind that their change in diet is a must for the coming stages of his life. The stage four of chronic kidney disease is a critical time where the patients feel that their life is dangerous and their kidney’s result performing just 10-20%. Their health is at a serious risk of bone problems, less energy power and anemia-lower red blood count.

If like was trickled before the chronic stage 4 kidney disease, there was a possibility that the blood vessels could be operated through a minor surgery which could result in the opening of blood vessels through graft.

This graft is a method which is used to open and stitch the blood vessels, opened with a soft tube vessel that is made up of synthetic material. If the patient can be cured through the dilatation procedure or through the processes of the dialysis which can be performed on a suitable note, meant to keep the kidneys alive, such a process could be healthy for the regeneration of the damaged kidneys.

One thing sounds clear that the patient who is suffering from such a disease has no other way to spend his life other than being cured on the bed, be it a hospital or his very own home place. Patients who are at a serious risk or probably chasing the chronic kidney disease stage 4 are recommended to go through the procedure of transplantation.

Kidney transplantation is a procedure where a dead person or a willingly healthy person’s kidney is inserted through the treatment of transplantation. The sick patient passes through heavy doses of medicines, followed by dialysis and then a large and a major operation remarked as transplantation.

This procedure of transplantation for the chronic kidney disease is even a high risk of their lives, where the patient has a risk to live his life for a longer period of time. There is a risk for the transplantation, as if it suits the patient in an appropriate manner; he will not have to suffer for another course of dialysis, which is meant for cleaning and filtering the blood. In case, where the patient is unable to suit the transplantation, the doctors suggest trying out with newly inserted kidneys and getting the patient a better life.

One thing is very important in the chronic stage 4 kidney disease that if the patient is passing through low damaged kidneys, and is unable to cope with the basic requirements set to make the quality of life better. There is a high risk for the other kidney to be affected soon, thus making the patient in a more severe and a worse condition.

The doctors and the specialists prefer having the patients suffer a course of pain earlier, rather than after damaging other parts of the body.

There are a lot of other treatments made whereas the most appropriate ones for the ones suffering from the chronic kidney disease stage 4 is the appropriate usage of diet plan, with restricted movement and whenever feasible, transplantation.

We cannot clearly state that this case of transplantation can suit the patient well, as cases have been reported where the patients have suffered from sudden death, and death after few days have passed the transplant. Well no one can say that luck works in here, it’s more of a medical condition but the earlier most you fall in the chronic kidney disease stage 4 it is preferred to get your life healthy from these procedures and available treatments.

All the basic guidelines, reasons and treatments have been well defined for all the patients suffering from the stage four kidney disease, as it is a very common problem which unfortunately is a mixed factor of some inter-related diseases.

The main point being that the patients should look for their disease in an early time, so that they are able to avoid the dangers and pain of the last moments. There should be a strict control over the prescribed diets with an appropriate usage of medicines and due consultations to make your life easy and better from the chronic stage 4 kidney disease.

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