What is scurvy disease?

It good idea to know what is scurvy disease, common causes & symptoms and how to prevent it.

Lack of vitamin C and B can lead to Scurvy disease. This disease was known before as pirates disorder (another name is Sailor’s disease) and usually it caused by lack in the daily diet fresh fruits and vegetables.

A vitamin keeps human body healthy and enables body functions to work well and fight against different diseases. Every vitamin plays a vital role in human body. Vitamin C also plays an important role and helping to prevent scurvy disease. The deficiency of vitamin c causes person to have skin problem, fatigue, swollen gums with bleeding, redness in eyes.

Patients with scurvy often report loss of appetite and they find it difficult to increase weight, they are usually depressed and have mood disorders.

Treatment of scurvy and prevention

Vitamin C intake is the scurvy treatment method and it used for prevention of this disease. As Vitamin C is very essential in diet, it is rich in citric fruits like in Kiwi and oranges are rich in vitamin-C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant in our body, which maintains the body functions and reduces the chances of cancer. It helps to strong immune system.

Many benefits have vitamin C for skin as it produces an elastic portion called collagen. It also keeps skin and heart healthy.

Scurvy disease risk factors

Peoples who asking what is scurvy disease need to know a few facts. This disease occurred when a diet is not proper and it lack Vitamin C. This disease causes problem in as blood loss, skin disorders, gingivitis, slow healing of wounds, hemorrhaging of blood vessels in eyes.

Scurvy patients are anemic. This disease is usually found in elderly people and alcoholics or those who are on malnutrition diet.

Vitamin-C is a water-soluble vitamin, the body does not produce it, nor can it be stored. The other name of it is ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is essential for good and healthy body, to have it one has to consume Vitamin-C daily. It can be obtained from the fresh fruits and vegetables.

One with less intake of Vitamin C might get a high chance of scurvy therefore, it is important to have sufficient amount of it daily.

Signs and symptoms of scurvy are not constant, they can also occur periodically. These symptoms vary among people. Few might have mild symptoms as fever or fatigue and others might have severe such as being anemic to infections in gum and teeth.

With the help of nutritional supplements, deficiencies of Vitamin C can be treated more effectively. To reduce the risk one can bring a change in lifestyle, stop drinking alcohol, no smoking, eating high calories food in a balance way, intake of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and follow the prescription of medicine

In serious symptoms of scurvy is difficulty in breathing, fatigue, being anemic, mood disorders, continuous bleeding, uncontrolled heart beat, swelling of gums. Any of these symptom is patient must consult doctor.

A water-soluble vitamin C deficiency is the real cause of scurvy. This vitamin is not produced or stored in the body. It is important to have a fix amount of vitamin C daily. One suffers with scurvy because of fewer intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables, this short intake might lead to this disease.

Risk factors related with scurvy development are as follows :

  • Fewer intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking alcohol
  • During pregnancy, mothers are often infected.

Now you know what is scurvy disease, associated risk factors, common causes, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment ways. So stay healthy and eat fresh juicy fruits and vegetables daily to prevent scurvy!

Watch also youtube video about scurvy disease.

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