Scurvy Treatment Options

Sometimes it really important to know scurvy treatment options and this our article will explain you how get rid of this disease quickly.

The absence of vitamin C from daily diet results in scurvy. Scurvy disease was found mostly in the sailors, as they use to stay in sea most of their life with malnutrition food. For the same reason scurvy was also named as sailor’s (pirates) disorder.

Scurvy disease symptoms

In general, due to scurvy disease patient feels appetite loss, unexpected weight loss, Diarrhea, difficulty in weight gain, fever. They report malaise, fatigue, pain in legs and other parts of body, skin problems, gum swelling along with bleeding, losing of teeth, and redness in eyes due to bleeding from blood vessels, corkscrew hair, anemic.

Peoples with this disease have mood disorders and at times children with pseudo-paralysis is a sign of scurvy. Bleedings at the bones end of long bones and have sicca disorder. But scurvy treatment methods is really easy, need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Risk factors related with scurvy development are lack of nutrients, no fruits and vegetables and dairy products in daily menu. People with fewer intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables and if they only eat meat, they are at high risk of scurvy disease.

Also peoples who drinking alcohol in a large amount. During pregnancy, mothers are often infected with scurvy.

Scurvy disease treatment, prevention and importance of vitamins

There are many ways to avoid scurvy and decrease the risks of this disease. Peoples must control smoking, increase the intake of citric food such as lime, lemon, oranges, potatoes, green pepper and cauliflower. Along with all this one must maintain a healthy diet, include different fruits, vegetables, and juices. It also common treatment method.

As vitamin plays a main role of keep the immune system on track and it reduces the chances of cancer and keeps heart healthy. Vitamins play a vital role in human body. Because vitamins are organic substance they are required in small amounts in food because they are not made in the body. Vitamins categorized as Fat-soluble and Water-soluble.

Vitamin B complex and C falls in the category of water-soluble. That vitamins is pure, nature made medications for scurvy disease treatment.

Other name of vitamin c is ascorbic acid , which is the most active reducing agent in the aqueous phase of living tissues and is involved in intracellular electron transfer Ascorbic acid is present fresh fruits and vegetable, it is very easily destroyed by heat and light. It is very much soluble in water.

For every male and female, there is a fix amount of daily intake, as for men with average age must consume 90mg of vitamin C daily and for women the intake amount is 75 mg. Vitamin C is an antioxidant in our body, which maintains the body functions and reduces the chances of cancer.

It helps to make your immune system strong. It is also good for skin as it produces an elastic portion called collagen. It also keeps heart healthy. Deficiencies of vitamins still occur even in developed countries.

Older people and alcoholic patients are particularly at risk. Defective formation of collagen impairs healing of wounds and causes capillary hemorrhage and reduced platelets adhesiveness.

Precipitants of scurvy are dietary deficiency such as lack of dietary of fruits and vegetables for almost more than 2 months. In children, it occurs due to infants are fed exclusively on boiled milk.

The common treatment method is intake of large amount of vitamin c in form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Scurvy patients must include that vitamins in daily diet in form of juice or food. As vitamin C is not produced in body, it is necessary to obtain it from the nature.

Doctors provide the patients with the scurvy treatment and have a complete check on their daily diet and will add a proper amount of Vitamin C in it. For the severe conditions, doctors provide patients special supplements and medical pills, which contain the proper amount required for body to cure and avoid scurvy disease in future.

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