Stage 3 kidney disease symptoms

It very important to know stage 3 kidney disease symptoms and signs because treatment of it much easier at early stages.

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Kidney disease which has now become a very common problem in people these days is still not fully understood by people.

This is due to the early signs and symptoms that are very subtle and almost nonexistent at the early stages of chronic kidney disease.

This is actually a very alarming fact that it can take many ages before a person knows from chronic kidney disease to failure of that organ.

Whereas some people with CKD stage 3 live their whole life with this without getting any failure of the organ.

But it is very important to treat this disease as soon as the person gets aware of it. This is a known fact that the right treatment if done at the right time then this is an ideal situation. Check the latest treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 3 guide.

The most appropriate thing if a person is facing these symptoms of kidney disease then it is incumbent on them to get urine tests and blood tests done.

It should be always be in mind that these kinds of similar symptoms can also be in another disease as well.

Stage 3 Kidney disease symptoms

Firstly when the kidney’s function is decreasing then the most dangerous thing that happens is the waste products and toxic material build up in the blood. It is also a known fact that the kidney is also playing a great role in secreting different hormones.

Red blood cells are also not formed in a sufficient way. Kidney is responsible for making urine also so if it is failing then the urine also changes in different ways. Urine may get fizzing and may get pale and also a person has to go and frequently feel the urge to urinate.

Some people feel an immense amount of pain and pressure in urinating and their urine is also very dark coloured. It is also a possibility that bleeding is observed in the urine.

Swelling also occurs in a person because kidneys are not properly working in a normal order and fluids are getting stored in that person’s body. So patients with kidney disease it is also seen that swelling occurs in the legs, ankles and feet.

Important signs and symptoms

Fatigue is also one the common sign and symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease as not enough amounts of red blood cells are being formed. Itching and irritation on the skin is also a very obvious sign as waste products are not passing out of the body and therefore waste products in your blood form severe itching.

Skin rashes are commonly seen in kidney patients. Bad breath is also a very obvious occurrence as waste and toxic material in the blood are through-out circulating in the body and it leaves a strong bad taste in the mouth.

Immediate weight loss is also seen because one loses his or her appetite and thus the weight loss. Confusion and trouble in concentrating are also prevalent traits seen in the kidney patients as the person’s mental health adversely gets effected and he or she is clearly disturbed.

Weakness and headache is again commonly felt and shows signs of existence for a longer period of time. High blood pressure and constant thirst are also felt very frequently.

Severe heartburn at times, is not considered to be normal as the hurt starts from the leftward side of the belly and remains constantly in the upper part of the abdomen and reaches out to the back. It typically happens so that the pain starts and develops worst after eating and drinking.

This sort of pain can also last for a couple of days and go up to a week also. It is highly recommended having a urgent checkup with the doctor when this kind of intolerable pain occurs. Some patients suffering with kidney diseases also very often fall sick besides the painful disorder.

Vomiting bile and nausea happen which even is not considered to be beneficial to get rid of these grave indications.

Dehydration and weakness are immensely felt as the body grows in fact faint. Bleeding and contamination are also a grave threat in this case which can make the blood pressure high and even high sugar level in a person’s body. Increased heartbeat is also experienced by the patient of chronic kidney disease.

It is due to the fever and chills that the person feels during this pain. Cold sweats and lethargy with laziness and fatigue are also common to experience in this condition. Irritability and bad temper can also arise in a person’s mood and he or she may feel cranky and annoyed along with abrupt changes in mood.

Confusion and panic usually occur in a person as it becomes problematic and difficult for the patient to have a focus on a certain thing and he or she is unable to focus on anything.

Due to extra fluid in the body that has been buildup it can also harm the lungs and a person might feel the problem in breathing properly. This can also be caused by lack of oxygen in the blood which can hamper a person’s normal breathing.

Is stage 3 kidney disease fatal?

It is again a very deeply shocking situation as it can get very serious and a person can lose his or her life. Feeling extremely cold is also a common sign seen in kidney patients specially it is due to anemia which makes a person weak from inside.

Anemic people often feel cold even in a room which warm. Brain problems also occur as the blood lacks oxygen and automatically oxygen is not reaching the brain so it is evidently seen that a person will have poor mental health along with the loss of memory.

Then there is the grim and most obvious sign and issue of indigestion which is due to the inability of the kidneys to perform their proper function and so the waste remains inside the system and is not filtered through the body which ends up in gastro-problems.

It is however, seen that as long as a person judges his or her kidney disease symptoms then and only he or she can take the accurate type of stage III kidney disease treatment and get it rightly done with a doctor who diagnosed the problem efficiently.

Please pay attention to these stage 3 kidney disease symptoms as the doctor can offer you easier treatment plan than on final stages of this problem – check acute renal failure article.

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