Dry Skin Rash Remedies and Treatment options

The dry skin rash is usually linked to some abnormality in the immune system in some individuals which is also related to some kind of gene abnormality. It simply means that it is a genetic disorder that affects certain groups of individuals with body systems that are not capable to defend themselves against certain fungal, viral and bacterial attacks.

Dry Skin Rash

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Even environmental factors might trigger this kind of rash. If there is excessive skin dryness that occurs due to lack of certain proteins, it will also lead to this condition.

There are various causes of this problem; it is triggered by using certain soaps and detergents that contain ingredients, wearing rough clothes, staphylococcal bacteria, certain solvents or lotions, wearing rubber gloves or occlusive plastic and regular changes in the skin.

As for the signs and symptoms of dry skin rash on the face, it includes the intense itchiness of the affected skin, red colored and rough rash that appears during the late stages, thickened areas in the skin that results due to continuous rubbing and painful cracks that tend to deteriorate over time.

When it comes to the treatment of this condition, there are various treatments that are proven safe and effective. It can be divided on the natural methods and how to cure it medically.

We will focus on natural methods in order to treat and prevent dry skin rashes. With the natural approach in treating this problem, red clover can be used. It is also a well known treatment used for gout and psoriasis. Since it thins out the blood, individuals who are using another blood thinner are not advised to use it.

Another treatment that you can use on your skin is wild almond juice. It is basically a linseed oil combined with juice from lime or a blend of sesame oil, turmeric with Arka on the skin.

You have to take note that the common laundry detergent can lead to irritation; thus it is recommended to use a mild detergent during laundry and always double rinse the clothes after every washing. When taking a bath, use a moisturizing product since soap removes the natural oil on the skin.

For a fast treatment for this problem, witch hazel would be the best choice. It helps in healing the skin in a fast manner and can be bought in any drugstore. All you have to do is to apply it on the affected area and continue with the application until the dry skin rash is fully healed.

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