Calf Cramps While Running

Calf cramps

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Most runners at some point experience calf cramps. It is one of the most painful conditions that affect sports people. This involves the contraction of leg muscles, which causes severe pain in the affected area. If you have experienced calf cramps running, then you know it can adversely affect your performance.

That is why you should take your time to learn more about what causes calf cramps and how to treat them. You should at least understand what triggers this condition and possible treatments. If you experience calf cramps jogging, you will know how to relieve the pain. You can take several steps to treat the condition.

Leg Cramp While Running Causes

While many experience calf cramps running, you may also have this condition after running. It often happens when you least expect it. It is not uncommon for an athlete to experience this condition while sleeping after a good workout. Leg cramps are common in athletes and other sports people largely because their legs are always overworked.

What is more, muscle calf cramps can develop into serious conditions especially if they occur frequently. That is why it is important for sports people to ensure they do everything possible to avoid it.

They can only achieve this by understanding what causes the cramp and how it can be avoided. The most common cause of cramps in calves is overexertion.

When the muscles are overworked they tend to contract, which can result in calf muscle cramps.

As an athlete, you naturally want to push your body even harder and run a little faster in order to win. But you can still avoid muscle cramps by using the available preventive measures.

Another possible cause of this problem is dehydration. Most sports involve intense workouts, which requires a lot of water. You need to compensate for the water that is lost through sweating by drinking more water before and after the race.

Also, sufficient water in your system will help you to reduce muscle contractions which is the major cause of this problem while running. If you do not have enough water in your body, you will experience a condition known as electrolyte imbalance, which leads to this problem.

This condition can also be triggered by low levels of sodium in the system. Lack of these nutrients in the body affects the normal functioning of body cells. The imbalance is triggered by the lack of one of the necessary electrolytes in the system. Thus, you should always ensure that your meals have sufficient sodium, calcium, potassium and other essential minerals.

You may also experience calf cramps running if you have been inactive. When you sit in one position for a long time, your muscles tend to contract making it more likely you will have muscle cramps. The solution is to always keep your muscles stretched so that there is enough blood flow.

Calf cramps treatment options

It is pretty simple; just make sure that your muscles are not too tight. Also, avoid overworking your muscles.

If you are going to indulge in long distance races, make sure that your body is properly hydrated. Also, ensure that your meals are full of the necessary electrolytes.

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