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bunion correction

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A majority of cases of bunion correction can be remedied without surgery. However, when nonsurgical methods are ineffective, bunion surgery is a possible method to relieve the pain brought about by bunions on feet.

By understanding what bunions are, what causes them, prevention methods, and whether surgery is an option for you, bunion relief and removal can easily be achieved. This brief article aims to provide a better understanding of the bunion treatment methods available.

What Are Bunions? – The Facts

Bunions are a severe foot deformity, by which the large toe, tissues, and joints surrounding it become swollen, inflamed, and painful.

During bunion inflammation, the large toe is turned outward while the bone, which connects the large toe to the metatarsal, becomes prominent on the inner border of the foot. A bump, made of bone and soft tissue, forms as a result of this and thereby causes severe pain, swelling, and inflammation.

It is important to understand what causes bunions in order to ensure the correction of bunions.

What Causes Bunions?

Bunions are caused by wearing tight or poorly fitting shoes. Often, shoes with narrow, pointed toes force toes into an unnatural position, therefore, resulting in bunions.

It may also occur as a result of arthritis or polio. Heredity also plays a major role in the formation of bunions.

According to recent studies, more women wear shoes that are too small for them, and, therefore, more women tend to experience bunions than men.


Bunions can be prevented. If allowed to progress, it can become an extremely painful condition. Not all bunions become severe and with proper management bunions correction without surgery also possible.

Often, this pain can be successfully managed by simply switching to shoes that fit comfortably and do not restrict the toes.

A qualified health professional can recommend the proper shoes to consider, as well as provide additional information that may assist in the prevention and correction of bunions, particularly before they become worse and require the need for surgery.

Bunion Correction: Is Surgery for You?

Can bunions be corrected without surgery? This surgery is a viable bunion treatment method, however, it should only be considered in the case that nonsurgical methods of correcting bunions, such as medications, pads, bunion splints, and shoe changing, fail to work.

Only at this point should surgery to correct bunions be considered. According to recent studies, 85 to 90 percent of all individuals who participate in bunion surgery experience success and are happy with the results.

As with any surgery, there are many risks; however, the benefits of bunion correction surgery often outweigh the risks that are often involved.

Benefits Of Bunion Surgery

Various benefits result from this surgery. Bunion surgery can easily relieve the pain often associated with everyday activities, such as walking and even wearing various shoes. Most people who suffer from severe bunions experience severe pain simply walking a few blocks, even with proper shoes.

However, through the surgical treatment of bunions, the tissues and joints within the foot can easily be restored to their proper alignment, therefore, allowing normal use and function of the foot. Most nonsurgical methods of correcting bunions are only temporary, and, therefore, despite implementation, the symptoms will always reoccur.

By choosing surgery as a treatment option, pain can be relieved while also correcting a majority of the deformity brought about as a result of the symptoms of this condition.

Bunion removal is a must for individuals suffering greatly from the symptoms. If allowed to persist, bunions can easily worsen, thereby causing the large toe to become severely deformed.

A majority of such conditions can be resolved without surgery. If nonsurgical methods fail, the only plausible method to relieve and correct it is surgery.

By understanding the aforementioned steps to bunion correction, the symptoms of this condition can easily be relieved.

By taking immediate action, bunions can be remedied before they worsen.

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