Warning signs of appendicitis in children

It very important to know what causes appendicitis in children and symptoms to be able to quickly recognize this disorder. This condition refers to the swelling of the appendix. It is a dangerous condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Appendicitis in children

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The major symptoms of appendicitis in kids include mild fever and pain around the bellybutton, which can occur along with vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea.

The pain in the stomach commonly deteriorates and moves to the right side of the belly at the lower point. The appendix itself is a finger-like organ that is connected to the large intestine; its position in the abdomen is at the lower right side.

The inner part of the appendix is a space with a single opening in the large intestine. If by chance this opening is blocked, the appendix gets swollen and may easily get infected by bacteria.

The septic appendix, in case it is not removed, may burst in the abdomen spreading the bacteria and causing several health complications. Child appendicitis is common from the age of 11 years to 20 years but very uncommon among infants. Interestingly, between October and May several cases of bacteria are registered.

Abdominal pain in children is a normal occurrence and can often be attributed to gas from stomach pain and bloating after eating. Nonetheless, severe stomach pain should never be ignored. It also could be symptoms for appendix disease. There are no known ways to prevent this disorder from affecting kid, but with proper tests and use of antibiotics, it is possible to treat those affected without complications.

In the event that the swollen appendix is untreated, it may burst some 24 to 72 hours post symptomatic expression. Bursting of the appendix causes excruciating pain, which spreads in the abdomen and causes the child’s fever to rise close to 40 degrees.

There is considerable variation in appendicitis signs in kids depending on the age of the child. In children who are about two years old or younger, the most frequent symptoms are painful swollen abdomen accompanied by vomiting. Once a parent develops suspicion that the child could be suffering from this disease, then they should immediately call a doctor and not give the child any pain killers unless under the direction of the doctor.

Doctors confirm or rule out an appendicitis symptoms in kids by examining the abdomen for the indication of stomach pain and/or tenderness, carry out X-rays, order Urine and Blood Test plus a CAT scan. The doctors will then advice the Parent to stop giving the child food or liquids if stomach pain in children not go away.

Due to the fact that acute appendicitis in children treatment requires that the septic appendix is removed through a surgical procedure Appendectomy, it is important that parents and guardians prepare their kid psychologically by demystifying the surgical procedure.

This will help the kid cope better and recover quickly from the procedure this is because their fears are eliminated when they know why the appendix has to be removed and what procedures they are likely to undergo.

Equally important is the fact that the parent concerned should be prepared as well because children read the moods and disposition of the parents fast and will intuitively guess sometimes wrongly whether what awaits them is friendly or unfriendly.

Surgeons usually apply two means to remove the inflamed appendix. They either use a laparoscope – a tiny surgical instrument-to create a small opening or simply make an incision in the abdomen. The procedure necessitates a two or three day stay at the hospital. Chronic appendicitis in children under 5 is very dangerous thing – so urgent medical attention is required.

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