Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease and Early Signs

Peoples need to be aware of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to recognize it on initial stages when treatment is much easier than on final stages.

What are the early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a disease whose confirmed cause hasn’t been confirmed yet. Parkinson’s disease has various signs and symptoms, and each of the patients of this disease suffers from different types of symptoms.

The intensities of these symptoms also vary from person to person. Any of people suffering from this problem might experience the difference in intensity of tremors while there might be people who face symptoms that might cause inability during necessary operations such as walking, talking or completing the different tasks that are performed daily.

At the beginning of this disease, the symptoms are mild in almost all the people suffering from this disease. One of the basic signs that show a person is suffering from such a problem is that something completely new and non understandable might happen with your body.

This might be development of a small tremor in your finger, which you can only observe during limited time periods. Another of the starting symptoms of this disease might be the feeling of stiffness in your foot or you might feel as if moving your feet has become suddenly difficult for you.

One of the worst things about this disease is that no proper cure has been developed yet which results in worsening of symptoms with the passage of time. The most common and easily recognizable symptoms of the disease are discussed here.

One of the main symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that one might experience is the feeling of tremors or shaking of body parts. This specifically happens in the lower portions of arm and hand or in the limbs; however it isn’t necessary that these are the only places where you might experience tremors.

Moreover, the tremors can be easily felt while you are resting, as soon as you start working, these symptoms might discover.

Early Parkinson’s disease signs

Another of the Parkinson disease symptoms that you might seriously think about is if you start experiencing problems in moving different parts of your body. One of the most significant properties of this disease is that it might make it difficult for you to start performing different activities.

This includes the activities which are really stressful and occasional as well as the activities that are included in your daily routine. In some cases, you would even feel difficulty in getting up for a small walk and in some cases even while you are getting out of your bed.

Another of the common Parkinson’s disease symptoms is that it affects the smooth movements of hands creating difficulties in writing and eating and other things that you do with the help of your hand.

Apart from these common symptoms, there are certain rare symptoms associated with this type of disease. By rare, I mean that these symptoms are only found in a limited number of people. These symptoms include stiffening of muscles of different parts of the body especially muscles in lower parts of the legs.

This might also cause a reduction in the rate of movements slowing down your body part movements. You might even face the problems of a stuck posture where you might not be able to move your body in the way that you want to.

Some people even find it difficult to talk as a result of the Parkinson’s disease. Another of the symptoms of this disease is that you might lose all the facial expressions.

As started earlier, there hasn’t been any confirmed cure for the disease therefore; the key target of all medical practices is to stop the symptoms from growing more serious and intense. A number of medications are in use by physicians that are helpful in better control of symptoms.

With the help of a certified doctor, you can get more information about the additional symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and modern methods to reduce the problems.

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