Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatitis

The signs and symptoms of pancreatitis disease in women and men may differ from person to person depending on which type of pancreatic disease a person has. But the most severe signs include abdominal pain which is really abnormal sometimes that goes to your back and along with that nausea and vomiting. In the most chronic cases stomachache along with gastric infections occurs. At times the patient also loses a lot of weight without even knowing and has great amount of difficulty passing the stool.

It is a common thing for the patients of pancreatitis to feel pain in their abdomen and they experience pain in varied ways for instance sometimes the pain suddenly appears without any warning or sign and it is usually really severe. On the other hand, sometimes the pain slowly and gradually builds up and has a long lasting effect.

This kind of stomachache is not considered to be normal as the pain starts from the left side of the belly and remains constantly in the upper part of the abdomen and reaches out to the back. It typically happens so that the pain starts and becomes worst after eating and drinking. This sort of pain can also last for a couple of days and go up to a week also. It is highly recommended to have an urgent checkup with the doctor when this kind of unbearable pain occurs.

Some patients suffering with pancreatic diseases also very often fall sick besides the painful condition. Vomiting and nausea happens which even is not considered to be beneficial to get rid of these grave symptoms. Dehydration and weakness are immensely felt as the body grows in fact faint. Bleeding and infection are also a serious threat in this case which can make the blood pressure low and even low the sugar level in a person’s body.

Increased heartbeat is also experienced by the patient of pancreatitis. It is due to the fever and chills that the person feels during this pain. Cold sweats and lethargy with laziness and fatigue are also common to experience in this condition. Irritability and bad temper can also arise in a person’s mood and he or she may feel cranky and annoyed along with abrupt changes in the mood.

Confusion and panicking usually occurs in a person as it becomes problematic and difficult for the patient to have a focus on a certain thing and he or she is unable to concentrate on anything. Headache is also one of the common symptoms of pancreatitis that arise due to low blood sugar level and also low blood pressure.

As the oxygen is not being able to reach all the essential organs of the body, so the body suddenly goes in a shock which basically means that a person’s mental state is not normal, and this kind of headache can be sometimes indeed very severe, as brain which is the most vital organ in human body is not reacting normally due to intensification of the pain. In deed this can be a very dangerous condition which can also be fatal in some patients.

It is seen in some people the signs and pancreas symptoms start from earlier period of life as it is strongly believed by the doctors and even the research shows that pancreatitis is a hereditary problem. It can also be started from the liver as liver might be insufficient to produce insulin which can result into diabetes. Other liver related problems can also arise such as jaundice which is again a very serious and stark condition. Jaundice is basically the start of any core disease problem in a person’s body.

It should always be taken very cautiously and seriously. It can cause gallstones in the bile duct and also the worst and life threatening liver cancer. Then also comes digestion problems such as the food the patient is eating is not properly providing him with sufficient energy needed by him, in fact the food is being passed out of the body resulting in an extreme weight loss and nutritional deficiencies and shortage of important and essential nutrients to the body can be very harmful for the body. Bleeding in some cases can also form anemia and bring down the blood count in a person making him even more weak and frail.

So we know now that the pancreas can be swollen and have inflammation due to various causes. Once the swollen blood vessels, hemorrhage, impurity, and damage to the gland occurs it should be taken as an alarming condition as suggested by the doctors to be more efficiently handling these symptoms of pancreatitis and not being ignorant of it.

The situation becomes so grave that the digestive juices start damaging and eating up the pancreas itself. If this kind of situation is prolonged and also the damage is still not hindered than the pancreas will fail to function normally.

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