Kidney disease facts

Kidney Disease

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Historically the kidney disease has been categorized as one from the most dangerous diseases. As we are aware that kidneys are basically the filtering system of the human body.

They are a very vital organ in its own right and perform a very essential role in human anatomy. Kidney disease can be extremely chronic and the other name for it is also renal failure. It is actually the advanced loss in renal functioning over a period of time which can be of years and years.

It is strangely undefined that how in a matter of time the kidney functioning gets worsen and the only feeling which can be indicated is a general feeling of being unwell and having no food hunger and in some cases declined appetite.

Most commonly the screening of the kidney helps to indicate that there is an abnormality showing in the x rays and especially it is in those individual’s case who have high blood pressure and diabetes.

It is also observed by the doctors from research and knowledge that the kidney disease is also hereditary. For instance it can be passed down from a 2nd or 3rd degree relative too.

It can also be started from the liver as liver might be insufficient to produce insulin which can result into diabetes. Other liver related problems can also arise such as jaundice which is again a very serious and stark condition.

Jaundice is basically the start of any core disease problem in a person’s body. It should always be taken very cautiously and seriously. It can cause gallstones and also the worst and life threatening kidney cancer.

Then also comes digestion problems such as the food the person is eating is not properly providing him with sufficient energy needed by him, in fact the food is not being passed out of the body in a normal way resulting in an extreme weight loss and nutritional deficiencies.

This kind of shortage of important and essential nutrients to the body can be very harmful for the body. Bleeding in some cases can also form anemia and bring down the blood count in a person making him even more weak and frail.

Chronic kidney disease can be recognized when it reaches grave health problem, for example heart related problem and anemia. This kidney problem is diagnosed by a blood test for a hormone known as creatinine.

If  in a blood test high level is shown then it is an alarming situation as basically filtration rate of the kidney is being decreased. This means that the kidneys are not able to perform its role effectively by excreting waste products out of the body.

Sometimes, urine analysis is also taken by a taking a sample test of urine and from the test it can be identified that how much level of protein and red blood cells are being washed out and are being lost.

Many medical treatments along with medical imaging which included X rays and CT scans are helpful in investigating the damage being done to the kidneys. But there is no doubt the blood tests are the most authentic in diagnosing the problem.

At times the problematic condition is that the kidney is malfunctioning and not performing its role in an appropriate way. Sample of kidney tissue is also taken for biopsy to find out this breakdown.


There are basically various stages of this disease but stage 1 is considered to be the mildest, stage 3 kidney disease is the midway damage of this organ performance and stage 5 is the most severe condition which is the failure of the kidney in which there is a transplant is suggested by the doctors and medical expert.

Due to decreased functioning of the kidneys, there is a buildup of waste and toxic material in the body which at first used to be filtered out by the body but now it is not normally excreted. This kind of inefficiency in the kidney’s performance also causes other issues such as anemia, disorder of hormones and high blood pressure and obesity.

Chronic kidney disease is basically when a person goes through from a slow process of permanent loss of this organ functioning over a period of time.

A special type of cancer can start from kidney which contains poisonous tumor and then spreads into the body and form its roots till all the organs. This form of cancer often originated from signs such as the skin turns yellow and even the eyes, so it is at times found at a former phase than most kidney cancers.

It is likely if the cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stage than it can be treated more effectively and successfully. It is also important to keep that in mind that different types of cancer and tumors have different type of signs and symptoms. However one should always be mindful of the changes his or her body is going through by the external signs.

So it is established that the chronic kidney disease such as cancer of this organ has its deep rooted history in an individual’s family genetics. It will and is unavoidable for a person belonging to this kind of traveling cancer can be hit by the kidney cancer too.

Nevertheless it is incumbent for a person to eliminate the hazardous habits outwardly from his diet such as drinking and smoking. It is also very important to taking a good amount of water as when a person is dehydrated then the kidney gets weakened and can be slow at its performance hence a failure of this human organ.

Then there is lack of sleep also a problem in kidneys effective act as it causes disturbed hormones therefore disturbed patterns. Sometimes that organ has less flow of blood and it is not reaching the kidneys properly.

Kidney is basically the filtration system of the body which is very vital to the human body.

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